Essential Guidelines In Designing Hand Sanitiser Labels


The current world health crisis has emphasized the importance of handwashing using soap and water or hand sanitiser to stay healthy. As an essential product, consumers are understandably meticulous when choosing the correct hand sanitiser products. It is why it is crucial to follow the guidelines when it comes to designing hand sanitiser labels.

3 Parts of Hand Sanitiser Labels

Labeling hand sanitizing products requires three essential parts: the front label, drug information, and manufacturer’s information. Follow this guideline to know what your product’s label should indicate.

1. Front Label

The first panel of the hand sanitiser panel should cover over 40% of the packaging’s front. This part must contain all the critical details that your customers should know upfront. Use this panel to tell consumers what type of product it is and its purpose. 

Displaying your company name alongside the product name will also help people quickly identify your product. Another vital information to indicate in the front label is the net weight. You can use mL to state the amount of product is in the container. 

2. Back Label

The back of your packaging contains the most information about your hand sanitiser. It is where consumers pay much attention to what your product contains and what it does. Your product’s drug facts panel should be the most informative part of your labels. The back panel should include:

  • List of active ingredients
  • Product’s purpose and applications
  • Health warnings
  • Usage instructions
  • Other product information
  • Product certifications and safety standards
  • List of other ingredients

Consumers use this side of your label to educate themselves about your hand sanitiser. It is a useful bit for your business to advertise the quality and value of your products.

3. Manufacturer’s Info

An additional, but also an essential part of the back panel, is the business’ information. This part should display the name, address, and contact number of the manufacturer, packer, and distributor. It gives consumers the information they need about your business. Moreover, it provides a way to reach out to you if they have any questions about your hand sanitisers.


Like with any product, hand sanitiser labels are beneficial to both your business and your consumers. To match the standards in labeling, a label maker can help you design a product label. Use their expertise in product labeling to make an appealing, informative, readable, and high-quality design.