What Is a BIM Service and How Does It Work

Building Information Modelling, commonly known as BIM, is an innovative approach to designing and documenting building projects. This intelligent digital representation helps the project design team better understand the functionality and intricacies of a project. The transformation from traditional 2D CAD processes to a modern BIM service is now empowering designers and installers to get a detailed view of the actual elements of their construction projects. Wondering how the entire system works? Here’s a step-by-step road-map that explains how a BIM service, typically delivered via a BIM consultant, works:

  • Input data (project particulars)


  • Extracting requirement from input data


  • Send queries to the client


  • Share the delivery schedule with the client


  • Use client given BxP or establish internal BxP


  • Templates customised model generation starts


  • Creation


The BIM delivery team includes engineers, management consultants, designers, and architects. The entire team aims to come up with diverse perspectives and offer holistic solutions to designing and documenting issues of a building project.


How does BIM work?


The advent of BIM software applications in this setup not only facilitates customisation but also offers flexibility and interoperability in the organisation. In the past, it would take designers many hours to discuss project issues, documenting them via formal paper trails and 2D sketches to derive the design or documentation. Now, engineers, construction professionals, and architects are one step ahead as BIM gives them the insight of the plan, design, construction, and how to manage the infrastructure efficiently.


While BIM offers much-needed technology, it is also crucial to find the right technology partner who can make the most of this service. You should always consult a professional when it comes to BIM services for your construction projects. The certified professionals know how to operate the application better and will come up with a unique documentation process that suits your organisation. This system of customised documentation helps any company function better because employees do not specifically have to think of documenting everything in individual silos and can instead contribute to a central single source of truth, the BIM model.