Activities to do When You Visit The Yukon

If you want to visit a place where you can relax and connect with yourself and nature, Canada’s Yukon area is the perfect location for you. The Yukon territory is known for being a remote destination, having magnificent landscapes. It’s an excellent destination for people who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity and those who want to mellow down. Here are some activities you can do at the Yukon.



The Yukon has vast rivers, and canoeing is an ideal activity for anyone who wants to see the beautiful and untouched mountains of Canada. There are canoes in the area which you can rent and ride by yourself. You can also choose an operator who can tour you around the rivers, while you enjoy the majestic sceneries. You’ll be able to see the landscape of the mountains and ride along the dense forests, reconnecting yourself with the wild and nature.


Wildlife Watching

At the Yukon territory, you’ll encounter some of Canada’s wildlife. You may come face to face with some black bears eating berries at the side of the road, or hear bald eagles as they soar above you. Encountering animals in its natural habitat is a thrilling idea, and it can get anyone’s heart pumping. Specific precautionary measures have to be observed when you visit the wildlife, such as when you encounter a bear. Don’t worry because there are professional guides who’ll bring you around and keep you safe.


Winter Seasons

There are also many activities which you can do during the winter in the Yukon. The winter season transforms Yukon to a place straight out of a fairytale, and it covers mountains and lakes in white. One of the best and unique activities you could do is camp under the stars, where you can see the northern lights. If you’re looking for something more thrilling or challenging, you can try dog sledding and ice-fishing.

What are you waiting for? Time to secure your kanada eta and enjoy the beauty of the Yukon. Experience a holiday like no other where you can reconnect with yourself and nature.