Traversing Through The Latest Conveyors Trends


The use of conveyors has been around for a long time to help manufacturers move materials from various facilities. With the rise of new technology, comes advancements in conveyors as well. Nowadays, conveyors have become more innovative, and new trends are present.

Latest Trends Of Conveyors

The latest trends of conveyors‘ focus on upgrades are smaller and quieter. In addition to that, the use of distributed controls has also become prominent among the latest models of conveyors. Let us take a look into the details of the latest conveyors trends.

  • More Quiet Design

Designers take into account the noise that every industrial workplace has and considered making upgrades on conveyors for it to be quieter. The latest conveyors have automation, which differentiates them from older versions. With the use of more energy-efficient 24V dc powered rollers, conveyors today operate more quietly. The low voltage comes with low torque, thereby decreasing the noise produced and enabling workers to work in close contact.

  • Made More Narrow¬†

In an effort to decrease wasted factory space, the latest conveyors were made narrow to the best form. A more narrow conveyor makes the productive use of the space provided. Moreover, products to be transferred are moved more quickly in a systematic process.

  • Flexibility Is The Key

Conveyor designers promote the production of conveyors that are lean in shape, require less walking, less bending, and decreased spending on capital. Thus, a hallmark trend to take note is the conveyors’ upgraded flexibility, which the designers developed.

  • Consider Time Efficiency

Time is a substantial factor when handling conveyors. It is maximized efficiently by enabling the conveyors to use distributed, autonomous control. Advancements in conveyors like using distributed motor starters and 24 V dc powered-rollers linked to the Internet significantly reduces the time used in the workplace.

  • Upgrade Your Conveyor

Instead of merely replacing old conveyors, one of the latest trends is to upgrade it to have motorized rollers. There are various kits available in the market to help you convert your conveyor to an updated version.


There are many trends in conveyors that can be beneficial for you. Most of these trends evolved to provide a better experience in using conveyors. By traversing through the latest conveyor trends, we hope that you have more guidance in upgrading your conveyor.