Transmission Services – Is It Important?

Over the years, cars have evolved from vintage to modern-looking. Although there are many differences in the interior and exterior, the engine still works the same whether it be a manual or automatic transmission. And like humans, cars need a regular check-up too. 

What Is a Transmission Service?

A transmission service is regular maintenance to check the health of your car’s transmission. Just like your regular replacement of engine oil, they perform a regular transmission fluid flush and filter exchange. Generally, this flush must be performed every 24,000 miles or two years. It is important for you to have your car examined regularly to identify other minor problems and avoid having to spend so much on repair and maintenance.

Classic Signs to Tell You Something’s Wrong With Your Transmission 

  1. Unusual Engine Sounds and Manifestations (Whining, Clunking, Shaking, and Grinding)
  2. Delayed Response in Switching Gears
  3. Burning Smell
  4. Fluid Leaking
  5. Check Engine Lights Turn On
  6. Inoperative Vehicle
  7. Gears Slipping

All of these signs are indicators that something is wrong with your transmission. Like illness, transmission problems start off small, so it’s better to not ignore it when you first notice just one of these signs. Letting problems slip would lead to even more costly major repairs in the future. 

What Is Involved During a Transmission Service?

Your car transmission functions like a heart. It needs fluid for the engine to function properly. But the service differs and it depends on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission vehicle.

  • Manual Transmission

This is easier to maintain and includes a transmission fluid flush and exchange.

  • Automatic Transmission

This is a more complicated process and may need a fluid slush and exchange, filter replacement, and pan gasket replacement.

When To Get Transmission Services

Checking your car’s own manual would be a great idea if you have no idea when to have your transmission checked. Getting your car examined for transmission services would depend on whether you have a manual or automatic transmission car. 

  • Manual Transmission Service

Over time, metal bearings and gears inside your transmission will eventually wear down causing contamination of metal particles in your transmission fluid; this would cause your fluid to not lubricate properly. This means the more contaminants present in your fluid, the shorter the lifespan of your car’s transmission. Generally, it is recommended to have transmission services performed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles for this type of transmission.

  • Automatic Transmission Service

Unlike manual transmission, automatic transmission requires more heat generated which could also wear down over time. For this type of transmission, it is recommended to have transmission services performed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Where To Get Transmission Services

Looking for the perfect repair shop for your car is quite a challenge. If you’re unsure of where to get your car examined, St Louis has a lot of shops that can offer you excellent services. There are more than 20 shops that specialize in transmission rebuilding, repair, and replacement. If ever you find yourself around St Louis transmission shops can be found everywhere.