Top 5 Instagrammable Nature Spots To Visit In Arizona

There’s no denying that the best trips involve an appreciation of the wonders found in nature. This is why when you get a USA ESTA, you should make it a point to visit Arizona, so you can visit these natural wonders that, aside for being Instagrammable spots, will take your breath away.

Grand Canyon

One of the most famous wonders in the United States, not only in Arizona, is the Grand Canyon. The landscape alone is something that no photograph can ever give justice to. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty you will see when you experience it for the first time. If you can, try visiting at sunset, when the canyon walls are painted red, orange, and a mixture of the shades in between.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend rewards the visitors after a 3-mile hike with a unique mesmerizing view. Visitors will be given a chance to stand at the edge of the canyon to enjoy the panoramic view of this natural wonder.

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is one of the most favorite destinations for many hikers in the country. A visit to this reservation will give you the view of the 100 feet blue and green waterfall that is so mesmerizing at the base.

Antelope Canyon

In the city of Page, Arizona, all amateur and professional photographers will have a field day over a visit to Antelope Canyon. Just book a tour with a licensed Navajo guide, and you can capture the most astonishing nature photos that you can take. This sandstone formation looks like a magnificent kaleidoscope of colors, especially when the sunlight hits the walls.

Lava River Cave

This natural wonder, which is also known as the longest cave in Arizona, is undoubtedly a sight that no Arizona visitor should miss. Discovered in 1915 by a lumberman, this attraction is perfect for adventure-seekers, because you have to climb down a hole for a chance to witness the mesmerizing features of this cave.

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All of these fantastic spots and more adventures await you when you decide to visit Arizona, USA. Don’t wait any longer. Visit and start your USA ESTA application now.