What are the top IoT development platforms?

IoT, Internet of things is an amazing technology that links billions and billions of sensors and smart devices to the internet with a secure, efficient and convenient way. For manufacturing an IoT device an IoT development platform is required which is designed for us for the development purpose.

The question is what an IoT development platform is?

An IoT development platform connects with the smart sensors, smart devices, and IoT gateways which are linked to the cloud!

IoT platform should be able to manage a significant amount of data from devices, websites, sensors, and applications effectively because they are operated in different areas. There are many top IoT development platforms which are used for the development.


  1. Google Cloud IoT:

Google Cloud IoT platform is a compelling integrated and managed service which offers a complete range of solutions for the management and the development of the millions of connected devices across the world.

It provides integrated services with the cloud, ends to end security measurements, business process optimization and managed infrastructure.

  1. Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT is a cloud platform which is designed for the Internet Of things applications. AWS allows the uncountable sensors and devices to interact with the cloud applications securely.

AWS supports all the popular software development kits like JavaScript, iOs applications development, C, etc.

  1. Microsoft Azure IoT:

Microsoft Azure IoT is one place for developers to make applications, analyze data in real time and manage the devices remotely. Microsoft Azure IoT can be easily operated in the multiple OS and platforms.


  1. Cisco IoT Platform:

Cisco IoT Platform manages to provide the secure and simple solutions to their developers. This platform includes the IoT with data analytics, network connectivity, application enablement, automation, and management.

Cisco IoT Platform can easily support the power management, industrial automation, transport systems, and smart city, etc.

The development Platform for the IoT matters a lot for the proper development. These are just a few of the best platforms and every Top IoT Solution Provider must use according to client requirements. You can also research and look up for the best platform according to your needs and specifications to encounter the best results!