How To Prepare For An Eye Exam Safford


An eye examination is essential not just for you but for the people you love. Eyes help us function properly, which is why people should take care of it better. Regular eye check-ups will help you know if there are signs of eye problems or diseases in your eyes. If you are living in Arizona, you will not have a hard time searching for a quality eye exam Safford. There are many eye specialists that will be happy to help check and treat your eyes. If you already have an appointment for an eye exam, then that is great. Now you just need to prepare for the eye check-up.  Here are things you need to consider when preparing for an eye exam. Read on.

Do You Need An Ophthalmologist Or An Optometrist?

Most people get confused with an ophthalmologist and optometrist. Actually, both are eye care doctors, but they have different specializations. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors that perform a thorough eye exam to check your eye’s health. They will be able to verify if you have underlying eye problems. Ophthalmologists can also do eye surgery and give prescription glasses or medicines to their patients.

On the other hand, optometrists are specialists that perform vision screening for their clients. They can also do an eye exam and can also provide prescription glasses and contact lenses. An optometrist can also treat eye problems like dry eyes or infections, but they cannot perform surgery.

Eye Exam For Children And Infants

If you think your child has a hard time learning, they might have an eye problem. Usually, issues like this are hard to detect, so children need to get an eye examination for proper diagnosis. As early as six months old, infants can be examined to fix any eye issue they might have.

Eye Exam For Adults

As people age, their eyes weaken together with their bodies. Common eye problems or diseases like cataracts, vision loss, and many more occur at 40. If your eyes are healthy and it has no problem, you can get an eye exam once every two years. However, if you have health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, getting an eye exam is necessary every year. It may also change depending on your doctor’s orders.

Preparation For Your Eye Exam.

First, you need to know which eye doctor you need. Suppose its your first time getting an eye exam. It is better to go to an ophthalmologist. This way, you can have a thorough check for your eyes. However, remember that the services they offer might be costly. Aside from that, you will be asked about your family’s medical history. They will also ask what kind of medication you use or if you have prescription glasses or contacts, its better to bring them with you as well.


Getting an eye examination is essential. It is to ensure that you will not have a problem with your eyes. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.