4 Awesome DIY Projects Using Oak Beams

Upcycling reclaimed wood, like oak beams from barns or old house, have been a big design trend for several years now. Aside from having great texture and strength, repurposing old wood pieces is an eco-friendly way to transform your home. Here are some easy DIY projects you can take on.

Upcycled Wooden Tables

Using old beams for tables is a popular project. Pinterest and Google are great places to get ideas on how to use reclaimed wood as a dining table, a coffee table, or even as an L-shaped work desk. While the projects might be varied, it all calls for boards to be cleaned thoroughly and brushed with a thin coating of varnish. This gives the wood another layer of protection and helps the users avoid splinters.

Planked Wall Or Headboard

Another easy project you can do is to transform old planks into a headboard or wall. You can use wood planks that are the same height and width and nail them together to create a solid wall. You can use it as a divider to delineate living spaces or to provide privacy. You can also push it flush against an existing wall and turn it into an accent piece.

Planks of different sizes and types of wood can also be nailed on a frame to create a headboard. It will have a beautiful and unique look, thanks to the various colors and grain textures of the wood.

Sturdy Bed Platforms

You’ve probably seen DIY projects that turn wood pallets into beds. But oak beams can also be repurposed in a similar way. You can make them into a pallet to place your bed on. Make it larger than the mattress so there’s a nice border around it. If you want a more modern look, place the platform on industrial steel legs.

Accent Ceilings Or Flooring

One of the best ways to use reclaimed wood is by transforming them as accents for your ceiling or to use them as flooring. Wood has an eye-catching surface texture and gives any room the impression of warmth.

There are many benefits to repurposing old wood. You’ll be doing your part to save the environment while also saving money. Check online for tutorials and ideas for DIY projects using oak beams and other reclaimed wood pieces.